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Sino-Indian Border Dispute: Explained in Constructivist Paradigm

The intractable Sino-India border dispute has been persistently affecting the India-China bilateral relations. The latest skirmishes at the Galwan valley testify that. While several attempts have been made. to comprehend as well as resolve the dispute, it becomes pertinent to examine the trajectories, and go beyond a limited approach. This paper therefore analyzes the border dispute and patterns of incursions, standoffs, within a constructivist prescriptive framework. By comparing and critically analyzing the scholarly works on the dispute in the last decade through a constructivist paradigmatic optic together with an update of more recent developments at the border, this paper will contribute to the existing literature by giving a much ignored theoretical direction to the discussion on Sino-India border dispute.

Hazarding Hazards: An Assessment of China’s Workplace Safety Since Year 2000

COVID-19 has (re)ignited conversations on workplace safety across the world, thus necessitating renewed attention on policies and practices in this regard. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that each year 2.78 million workers die from occupational accidents and work-related..

Are US and China On the Verge Of a Cold War 2.0?

A few months ago, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi recently declared that “some political forces in the US "are pushing US and China “to the brink of a new Cold War.”

To Craft a Covid-19 Narrative, China needs Africa

China faces tremendous international scrutiny concerning the initial mismanagement and lack of transparency surrounding its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which included efforts to stifle dissent. If the comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19 confirms China as the source as is..

Domestic Imperatives Behind Chinese Aggression at the India-China Border in 2020

The military clash between India at Galwan has signaled a new low in India-China relations. While it has been on for three months, and several attempts are made to predict the future of India-China relations, what becomes pertinent is to understand the rationale behind China’s sudden aggression at the India-China border.

South China Sea Geopolitics and the Shadow of Covid-19

The current strategic discourse is one of speculation as to whether the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating existing geopolitical trends or generating trends for a new world order in its wake.

The Indo-Pacific: Concept, Contestation and Cooperation

The Indo-Pacific is a region consisting of the western and central Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, excluding the temperate and polar regions of the two. They are connected by the seas surrounding Indonesia in SouthEast Asia. Since the beginning of the last decade, the term Indo-Pacific has been increasingly used.

Pompeo Defies Covid-19 and Visits Jerusalem with ‘Mission China’ Agenda

Less than three years ago, China and Israel marked 25 years of their bilateral diplomatic relations. While Beijing celebrated the occasion also to show to the world China’s ability to implement a more balanced and pragmatic Middle East foreign policy; Jerusalem was exuberant in its successfully walking..

India & China in the Post-Covid World

For India and China, in many respects the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated preexisting trends. The world was already in flux, between orders, before 2019 when the COVID19 pandemic struck. But it has also created a new reality, particularly within their polities and societies, and will have effects on their relationship.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: History In the Making

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, the geopolitical theories of Halford J Mackinder and Alfred Thayer Mahan emphasized the centrality of continental land power and maritime power respectively as the fulcrum of world power. China's Belt and Road Initiative(BRI) combines both.....

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