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The Curious Case of the BRI Shapeshifting in Africa

Veda Vaidyanathan |Issue No:78| Apr 2019

The idea, purpose, concept and the agenda of the BRI mutates and takes on many forms depending on who is describing it. Opaque structures, institutions shrouded in secrecy and questionable data sets are familiar challenges while studying China’s layers. This lack of clarity spills into literature and conversations surrounding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as well.

Al Jazeera

Prospects of a US-DPRK Rapprochement & Japanese Concerns

Ambassador Vishnu Prakash |Issue No:77| Apr 2019

The Korean Peninsula makes for riveting theatre. Thus, the drama and suspense around the second US-North Korea summit in Hanoi on 27-28 February 2019, that ended abruptly, was true to form. The landmark event had generated sizeable expectations of forward movement.


Travel as a Metaphor: A Short Introduction to the Travelogues on China Written in Bengali

Barnali Chanda |Issue No:76| Apr 2019

The first half of the 20th century unleashed a trend that saw Bengali personalities venturing beyond their enclosed boundary spaces. It all began with Vivekananda’s travels to East and South-East Asia on his way to the Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago in 1893 as a Hindu representative from India.1 This trend continued with Tagore’s several consecutive travels to Europe and East and South East Asia

Nikkei Asian Review

Make in China 2025 – is it on Track?

Anil Wadhwa |Issue No:75| Apr 2019

The announcement on 19 May 2015 designed to transform China from a manufacturing giant into a world manufacturing power was made at a time when the US was distracted internally by the Presidential elections. This plan is to be followed by another two plans in order to transform China into a leading manufacturing power by 2049.

T8N Magazine

The Illusion of Universal Health Care: Medical Insurance as the Panacea

Madhurima Nundy |Issue No:74| Feb 2019

This analysis places the recent developments in health policy in India and China in the context of the departure from the principles and design that informed the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach in 1978.


Science, Technology and Innovation in China: Lessons for India

V S Ramamurthy |Issue No:73| Jan 2019

We survived the technology denial regime of the seventies and eighties and the global competition following the economic liberalization of the 90’s. Clearly we have been moving ahead but the question which we keep on asking ourselves is that at the rate at which China is moving in the science and technology led growth and the rate at which India is moving in the same path, can India survive Chinese competition in the coming years?


India and China in the New Situation

Shivshankar Menon |Issue No:72| Jan 2019

The world today is between orders. The so-called “rule-based liberal international order” — which was neither liberal nor particularly orderly for most of us — is no longer attractive to those who created and managed the order from WWII until the 2008 global economic crisis.

Vatican News

China-Vatican Deal: Determining Factors and its Implications

Navreet Kaur Kullar |Issue No:71| Jan 2019

The author has attempted to shed light on the risks, hopes and unanswered questions about the current state of Vatican-China Relations.

New Sonia

T-TIP and the EU-China Strategic Partnership

Preksha Shree Chhetri |Issue No:70| Dec 2018

This paper aims to study the T-TIP and its impact on the EU-China strategic partnership.


Emerging Cities of Amaravati and Xiong’an: Redefining Urbanization?

Ramya Kannan |Issue No:69| Dec 2018

This paper presents an analysis of Amaravati and Xiong’an, two ambitious projects led by strong political motives which have managed to gain traction based on their claims of people-centric urbanization.


8 Nov 2019

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