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Wu Jinglian: Do we really need experts who only know “jargons?”

The article is written by Professor Wu Jinglian, 90, one of the preeminent economists in P R China today. Professor Wu specializes in economic policy as it applies to China’s ongoing economic reform. The article first appeared on the website of Chinanews.com on May 26, 2020.

China: Bubble that will never pop?

中国:永远不破的“泡沫”?China: Bubble that will never pop? The article by LIU Qiudi 刘裘蒂is the first in Chinese language discussing Thomas Orliks’ most recent book China: The Bubble That Never Pops, Oxford University Press (June 2020). Thomas Orlik is the Chief Economist with Bloomberg Economics.

Mao Zedong on Sino-Indian Boundary Dispute

Following PLA’s decisive victory over the Indian forces in the 1962 “self-defensive counter war,” Mao Zedong was asked to give his assessment of the PLA’s remarkable feat. Chief of Staff, Commander Luo Ruiqing, while submitting his general report to Mao, emphasised on the driving spirit of the troops

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