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The East Asia Programme began in 1999 with a project on the Asian Construction of Asia supported by the Japan Foundation. The aim of the programme is to encourage research on Japan as well as comparative research within the Asian region. As part of this effort, two India-Japan conferences on China were organised in collaboration with the Japan Foundation. These conferences have brought together Indian and Japanese specialists on China for the first time and have opened the way for future collaborative projects.

Initial contacts have also been established with China and Japan specialists in Australia, Thailand, and other parts of Asia with the aim of increasing scholarly exchange and discussion and to promote innovative research projects that will contribute to a better understanding of this region.

The East Asia Programme of the ICS has started the East Asia Series (Brij Tankha editor) to publish monographs and occasional papers covering subjects in history, political science, economics, culture, translations, and other areas relevant to the region. These will be refereed publications. We particularly welcome writing that explores subjects within a comparative and trans-regional perspective addressing issues of concern to both an academic and a general audience.


1st All India Conference of East Asian Studies

21-22 March 2022

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies and Department of International Relations and Governance Studies, Shiv Nadar University

Inequality in A Rising Asia: Environment, Politics and Society

3-4 October 2015.

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies and Development Alternatives, New Delhi and Toshiba International Foundation Grant

India and Japan: Roads to the Modern

12-13 September 2014

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi and Japan Foundation Grant.

Publication: Edited, Shadows of the Past Of Okakura Tenshin and Pan-Asianism,  (Sampark, Kolkatta, 2007).

Asian Trajectories

11-12 September 2009

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies, CSDS, Delhi and Japan Foundation.

India, Japan and Asia

26 September 2008.

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies, CSDS, New Delhi and Japan Foundation.

Conference of Ph. D scholars from India and Japan in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages


Publication: Edited with Awaya Toshie, Yoshida Yuriko, Debating the Past; Conference of Research Scholars from Japan and India, Tokyo University of Foreign Languages, 2005.

International conference, “Lines of Convergence: India-China-Japan and the Future of Asia”, as part of a  comparative project, Lines of Convergence: India, China, Japan and the Future of Asia 2005-07

13-14 December 2006 

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies, CSDS, New Delhi, India and Sasakawa Foundation.

"A War for Progress: Japanese Religious Groups and the Russo-Japanese War” at the conference on, The Russo-Japanese War and its Significance and Impact on the World

March 2005

Organised by ICS,  Academy of Third World Studies and Jamia Millia Islamia

First India-Japan Postgraduate Workshop

28-29 January 2005

Organised by the Institute of Chinese Studies in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages and Literatures

A Seminar on Remembering the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05

4 February 2005

International Centre, New Delhi

Okakura Tenshin: Art, Nationalism and Pan-Asianism

13-14 December 2002.

Organised by Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi and  Japan Foundation.

The Second India-Japan Seminar on China for the Institute of Chinese Studies and The Japan Foundation, Re-Interpreting Asian History and Nation and Race in Modern China

2-3 March 2001

Organised by ICS and Japan Foundation.

2000-2001 Japan Foundation Asia Centre Award:

Brij Tankha, in collaboration with Dr. Madhavi Thampi, Project “The Asian Construction of Asia”.

Publication: Brij Tankha and Madhavi Thampi, Narratives of Asia from India, Japan and China, (Sampark, Kolkatta), 2005.





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