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Special Lectures/Conferences

16 Feb 2024
Special Lecture | DPP-KMT Contestation Over the Nature of Relations with China: Domestic Dynamics and the Challenges from the PRC | 16 February 2024 @3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Courtney Donovan Smith

Taiwan’s recent election campaigns and the subsequent results included messages from the candidates and parties to the voters, as well as from the voters to the political parties
Venue: Zoom Webinar
15 Sep 2023
Book Discussion | Locating BRICS in the Global Order: Perspectives from the Global South | 15 September 2023 @ 6 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Rajan Kumar, Meeta Keswani Mehra, G. Venkat Raman, and Meenakshi Sundriyal

This book discussion will commence with the lead speaker and moderator, Dr. Rajan Kumar providing an overview and highlighting the core ideas of the book as also dwell on India's role in the BRICS.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
14 Sep 2023
Special Seminar | Interpreting China’s Strategy on the Northern Borders| 14 September, 2023 @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Lt. Gen. Prakash Menon, Ph.D.

The talk will attempt to prove the hypothesis that China’s aggressive action on the Northern Borders is connected to its global confrontation with the US and its allies.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
04 Sep 2023
Special Lecture | Who is in, Who is out?: Urban Redevelopment, Local Identity, and Vernacular Proficiency in Shanghai | 4 September, 2023 @ 6:30 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Dr. Fang Xu

The transformation of Shanghai into a global city has wiped out whole neighbourhoods, and driven millions of Shanghainese away from the urban core.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
25 Aug 2023
Book Discussion |World Upside Down: India Recalibrates its Geopolitics| By Sujan Chinoy 25 August, 2023 @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Sujan R. Chinoy

This book discussion will commence with the Chair’s introduction of the author and the book, followed by Amb. Sujan R. Chinoy’s brief talk for about 20 minutes about the nature and chief arguments of his book.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
01 Feb 2023
Book Discussion | CHURCHILL AND INDIA: Manipulation or Betrayal? | 1st February 2023 @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Amb. Kishan S. Rana

This Book Discussion would essentially be in the Q&A format between the author, Kishan Rana and the Chair, Ravi Bhoothalingam. Since the focus is on the book, the Seminar will commence
Venue: Zoom Webinar
25 Jan 2023
Special Event | The Expanding Scope of China Studies in Public Health in India: Institutional Collaborations and Networks | 25th January 2023 @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Prof. Patricia Uberoi, Prof. Rama V. Baru, Dr. Madhurima Nundy

The ICS-CSMCH Public Health Resource Portal is a repository of materials consisting of peer-reviewed articles, working papers, primary sources, books, and reports.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
16 Dec 2022
Special Event | The Limits of Tolerance: China's Zero-Covid Policy and Societal Response | 16thDecember 2022 @ 3 P.M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Dr. Jabin T. Jacob, Dr. Rityusha Mani Tiwary, Dr. Bhim Subba

Dr. Jabin T. Jacob is Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations and Governance Studies at the Shiv Nadar University, India and Adjunct Research Fellow at the National Maritime Foundation
Venue: Zoom Webinar
12 Dec 2022
Coexisting and competing with China in Africa: Indian perspectives in Ghana | Mon, December 12, 2022 • 7.30 P.M. IST (9:00 AM ET) | Zoom Webinar
Veda Vaidyanathan, Arhin Acheampong, Ms. Sanusha Naidu

How are members of the Indian diaspora and the business community in Ghana responding to increasing Chinese engagement in the region? The panel discussion is based on a forthcoming paper that examines how Indian businesses can compete in African markets
Venue: Zoom Webinar
25 Jul 2022
ICS Special Event | Legacy and Impact of Shinzo Abe | 25th July @ 3:00 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Chiharu Takenaka, Rohan Mukherjee

Shinzo Abe was a towering figure in Japanese politics, leaving his imprint on virtually all aspects of national life and policy. As an ardent nationalist with a whip of leadership, however
Venue: Zoom Webinar

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