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China in the World

The original and continuing focus of ICS research and public outreach was China’s political system, economy, history, society and foreign policy, with particular reference to India–China relations. This focus has now been broadened to cover new geographical regions, including China and India in Africa, China and India in Latin America and South Asia and at a more general level, the respective roles of India and China in the world of the future. The ICS strives to collaborate with research institutes in other parts of the world and partner with research scholars from different geographies who are also examining China’s changing role in the world.

Veda Vaidyanathan, Research Associate, ICS


The ICS is currently undertaking a research project examining Chinese engagement in Zambia, with a focus on Chinese investments in the agricultural and mining sectors. The study is being lead by Dr. Veda Vaidyanathan, Research Associate at the ICS. She conducted fieldwork in Zambia in September 2019 and visited Chinese owned farms in Chongwe and Chisamba and travelled to Ndola, Kitwe and Chingola in the copperbelt province to interview Chinese and Zambian stakeholders engaged in the Copper mining sector. This project will try to weave grassroots perspectives gathered from the field with the broader discourse on Chinese engagement in the African continent.  

This research project will result in a monograph which will include chapters contributed by research scholars, experts and practitioners from India, Zambia and China. It is proposed to be published in 2020.


China’s Infrastructure Development in Africa: An Examination of projects in Tanzania and Kenya:

This study examined China's infrastructure building in Africa, one of the most visible and high profile components of its diplomacy in the continent. The sector has also been identified by the Government of China, Tanzania and Kenya for deepening collaboration. This research project created a strong framework of examining these projects and their outcomes by using a case study method to gain an in-depth understanding. The study identified a plethora of African stakeholders as well as Indian and Chinese actors in the markets to gather differing perspectives. While the existing literature on the theme helped build context, the data collected from the field was analyzed objectively and with integrity. The findings from this study was disseminated in a workshop hosted in New Delhi in April 2019 and the resultant monograph will be published shortly. 

ICS partnered with the Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence (SACE) in Kenya and REPOA in Tanzania.  The project was lead by Dr. Veda Vaidyanathan, researcher at ICS, New Delhi. She was accompanied by the China lead at SACE, Ms. Tong Wu as well as Dr. Jumanne Gomera, Policy Analyst in the Tanzanian Prime Minister's Office. Ms Sunaina Bose and Mr. Uday Khanapurkar worked as Research Assistants on the study and contributed to the chapters. The multicultural team of scholars conducted month long fieldwork in Mumbai, Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Zanzibar.

The resultant monograph containing the research findings was published after peer review in November 2019.


Chinese Acquisition of African Resources: A Case Study of Zimbabwe 


A Round Table Event: ‘China’s Africa Engagement: An Indian Perspective’
Cohosted by the Institute of Chinese Studies & Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
05.April. 2019 at the Seminar Room, NMML

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