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Wednesday Seminars

Coterminous with the Institute, is the weekly Wednesday Seminar, which has been held uninterruptedly for the last four decades. The topics span an enormous range and attract students, experts, practitioners and laypersons alike. These seminars provide an opportunity for interested people to have access to informed discussions on various aspects of China and are ample evidence that the sections within India, which are interested in knowing and learning about China are widening and enlarging.

22 Sep 2021
Wednesday Seminar | Panel Discussion: China’s Position on Afghanistan | 22nd September @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Gautam Mukhopadhaya, Andrew Small, Suhasini Haidar

China sees an opportunity in and is tempted by the space vacated by the withdrawal of US troops and the takeover of the Taliban with whom it has cultivated relations over years, to step into Afghanistan economically and strategically.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
15 Sep 2021
Wednesday Seminar | Book Discussion: China Inc.: Between State Capitalism and Economic Statecraft | 15th September @ 3 P. M. IST | Zoom Webinar
Aravind Yelery, Santishree Pandit, Jaimini Bhagwati, Partha Mukhopadhyay

The reform of China’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the 1990s was politically unpleasant and socially threatening. There were mass closures of firms, tens of millions of lay-offs, and stock market listings for many of the biggest state firms
Venue: Zoom Webinar
08 Sep 2021
Wednesday Seminar | The Party and the People: CCP and the Private Sector | 8th September @ 6 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Bruce J. Dickson

Since Xi Jinping became General Secretary of the CCP in 2012, much attention has been paid to his steady accumulation of power. A parallel trend has received much less attention: the revival and strengthening of the CCP’s Leninist traditions.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
01 Sep 2021
Wednesday Seminar | Panel Discussion | 'Cross- Asiatic connections in the late 19th and 20th centuries | 1st September @ 6 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Arpita Bose, Barnali Chanda, James Gethyn Evans, Sudarshana Chanda

This seminar intends to examine different narratives (including archival materials, travelogues, journals and newspapers) related to connections across Asia from the 19th and 20th Centuries.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
25 Aug 2021
Wednesday Seminar | Future of Cross-Strait Relations: Implications for the region and India | 25th August @ 5:30 PM IST | Webex Webinar
Bonnie S. Glaser, Alan Hao Yang, Sana Hashmi, Ashok K. Kantha

As the Indo-Pacific construct evolves, it is important to look at how this set of relations and its future hold relevance for the like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific region and what could these countries do to minimise the threat
Venue: Webex Webinar
18 Aug 2021
Wednesday Seminar | Panel Discussion | Shifting gears of China’s post-Covid economy | 18th August @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Hans H. Tung, Mareike Ohlberg, Nivedita Rao Kommineni, Priyanka Pandit

The pandemic has accelerated prevailing trends and triggered new ones in China. Erosion of Deng-Era institutions has led to centralization of power and coloured China’s response to the pandemic.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
11 Aug 2021
Wednesday Seminar | One Hundred Years of the CPC and the Journey Ahead | 11th August @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Shyam Saran, Lance Gore, Manoranjan Mohanty, Rana Mitter

The clandestine grouping of a dozen young Chinese intellectuals this month a century ago in Shanghai has magnified into an event of world historical significance.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
04 Aug 2021
Wednesday Seminar | Nehru, Tibet and China | 4th August @ 4:30 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Avtar Singh Bhasin, Tanvi Madan, Ananth Krishnan

In his latest book, _Nehru, Tibet and China_, A.S. Bhasin seeks to challenge the conventional narrative handed down since the fifties of last century that China was
Venue: Zoom Webinar

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