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Wednesday Seminars

Coterminous with the Institute, is the weekly Wednesday Seminar, which has been held uninterruptedly for the last four decades. The topics span an enormous range and attract students, experts, practitioners and laypersons alike. These seminars provide an opportunity for interested people to have access to informed discussions on various aspects of China and are ample evidence that the sections within India, which are interested in knowing and learning about China are widening and enlarging.

19 Jun 2024
Wednesday Seminar |North Korea's Nuclear Deadlock and Nuclear Proliferation: Implications to Northeast-Asia| 19 June 2024 @ 3:00 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Sudhakar Vaddi

The Korean peninsula has historically been a victim of great power rivalries in Northeast Asia,
Venue: Zoom Webinar
12 Jun 2024
Wednesday Seminar |From Old to New: Tere Ghar Ke Samne and fractious neighborships in 1962| 12 June 2024 @ 3:00 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Navnidhi Sharma

The seminar contests longstanding approaches to the contemporary histories of India and China which centre the nation-state and read the India-China conflict in terms of territorial or ideological contestation.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
05 Jun 2024
Wednesday Seminar |The Rise of ‘For Profit’ Medical Care in China: The Case of United Family Healthcare| 5 June 2024 @ 3:30 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Roberta Lipson

In the first 25 years since the founding of the PRC, great strides were made in public health. Healthcare and prevention services were distributed as a public good through the commune system, reaching deep into the countryside.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
29 May 2024
Wednesday Seminar |From the ‘Two Sessions’ to the Third Plenum: Understanding the Chinese Party-state’s Priorities, Challenges, and Future Directions| 29 May 2024 @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Bhim Subba, Devendra Kumar, Aravind Yelery

The “two sessions” (两会) in March 2024 took place at a critical juncture in China’s post COVID-19 economic recovery.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
22 May 2024
Wednesday Seminar | EU-China Relations: Navigating Perilous Paths | 22 May 2024 @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Jens Eskelund

The seminar will discuss present sentiments of European businesses in China and their outlook for the future,
Venue: Zoom Webinar
08 May 2024
Wednesday Seminar | Panel Discussion: Centenary of Rabindranath Tagore's Visit to China | 8 May 2024 @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Uma Das Gupta, Amrit Sen, Sabaree Mitra

Rabindranath Tagore (1881-1941) the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913, was also one of India’s most prolific travel writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century...
Venue: Zoom Webinar
01 May 2024
Wednesday Seminar | Geopolitics and Geoeconomics: Democratic Dividend to Demographic Dividend? | 1 May 2024 @ 3 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Manoj Pant

Over the last 70 years, there has been a delicate balance between international politics and economics due to the democratic dividend post-World War II.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
24 Apr 2024
Wednesday Seminar | Gender Issues and Feminism in Economically Advanced South Korea | 24 April 2024 @ 4:30 PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Hawon Jung

South Korea is the world’s 13th largest economy, a tech powerhouse that is home to many technological innovations and is globally recognized as a cultural juggernaut churning out K-pop stars, K- dramas and cinemas.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
10 Apr 2024
Wednesday Seminar | The World Order that China Seeks | 10 April 2024 @ 3PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Mohan Kumar

China has articulated its ambition to supersede the United States of America as the pre-eminent power, without causing much disruption for itself or for the world, if possible.
Venue: Zoom Webinar
27 Mar 2024
Wednesday Seminar | Issues and Factors Shaping Chinese Research on Indian Literature | 27 March 2024 @ 3PM IST | Zoom Webinar
Bihu Ghosh

India and China are two of the world’s ancient civilizations. As they evolved with their unique characteristics, these civilizations have also learned from and enriched each other through cultural interactions over the centuries.
Venue: Zoom Webinar

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