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Jack Ma Spin-off: “New” Finance vs. “Old” Regulations?

Xu Jin: Jack Ma has painted afresh on the finance scroll. Are there no systemic financial risks in China? How to regulate the new finance? It matters little to judge the motives if they are right and wrong. What matters most are the source and the background of these motives.

Sino-Us Conflict: What Realism?

Currently changing Sino-US relations best reflect shift from Wilsonian cooperation to Hobbesian confrontation; from liberal engagement to realist containment. How do these changes best serve China’s international strategic interests?

India in 2020 is clumsier than in 1962!

What kind of a country dares to take military risk abroad in the face of ongoing pandemic, droughts and floods, and other natural disasters? What kind of a country dares to simultaneously fight on three fronts – separatist forces internally, long-term artillery battles externally, and still actively provoking the world’s largest industrial nation? Do you think I am talking about the fascist Germany or the militarist Japan? No. Although the two were aggressive, they were not stupid or clumsy. The country I am going to talk about today is called India.

Moon Chung-In: How China Can Avoid a “New Cold War?”

Can China win the hearts of the world through the moral leadership superiority over the United States? Looking back on China’s attitude towards South Korea during the THAAD crisis, its actions in the South China Sea, and its “wolf warrior diplomacy” that is being talked about by the people after..

Words and Deeds of Bureaucrats with High Degrees Disappoint Masses. Why?

The article was first published on the website of Minzu fuxing 民族复兴 on July 26, 2020. Minzu fuxing wang website or the Chinese Rejuvenation website claims it was established following the emergence of President Xi Jinping as top Chinese leader in 2013.

Epidemic in the Eyes of “Three Generals of Chinese Sci-fi”

According to an online conspiracy theory, the American author Dean Koontz predicted the coronavirus outbreak in 1981. His novel ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ referred to a deadly virus called "Wuhan-400" - strangely predicting the Chinese city where the Covid-19 would emerge. But the similarities end there: Wuhan-400 is described as having a "death rate" of 100%, developed in laboratories outside the city as the "perfect" biological weapon. Science fiction writers, however, have made a point of doing just that. With the devastating effect of the epidemic and a worldwide rise in state-sanctioned authoritarianism, science fiction has been approaching reality at an alarming rate in recent years. But how do Chinese science fiction writers, who have spent much of their lives writing imagining dystopia, react to ultimately live in one? How does reality match fiction? This translation is based on questions asked to the "three kings" of Chinese science fiction, Wang Jiankang, Han Song and Liu Cixin, who are the best practitioners of the genre, to tell us about their experience of the epidemic in China

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