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Informal Meetings in Foreign Policy

This article questions the efficacy of Wuhan and Chennai Summits by analyzing it against the background of two such informal interactions – the Kissinger-Zhou meeting in 1971 and series of North Korea-South Korea informal meetings in 2018-19. Naturally, the circumstances, actors, intentions and mood were all unique

China & the Global Governance of the Refugee Crisis

This paper attempts to evaluate China’s engagement in the legal and institutional framework of the Refugee Protection Regime. In general, the paper will be looking into the ongoing debate regarding China’s role in global governance institutions. In particular, the paper will evaluate China’s accession to the international refugee protection protocols and conventions and its engagement with UNHCR.

When Bhutan got Caught Up in the Tug-of -War Between Colonial Britain and China

This article focuses on the Bhutanese case to bring out the role played by the smaller Himalayan states in this power struggle. In this article, an attempt has been made to present the Bhutanese factor in the Britain-China power struggle in the period before the 1914 conference at Shimla.

‘Leftover Women’ of China: Choice or Destiny?

The word 'Leftover', has the connotation of something that was leftover with no takers, like the leftover food, as if the good part was already taken and whats remaining is not so good.

China & Asia’s Changing Geopolitics

There is a disruption in the distribution of power in the world today. The world as a whole is multipolar economically, unipolar militarily if tending away from that, and politically confused. But while the US is still the only power capable of projecting force around the world and the world is unipolar militarily, the situation in Asia is evolving rapidly.

Historical Overview of Chinese FDI Regulations

Prior to the adoption of the Foreign Investment Law 中华人民共和国外商投资法 (FIL) by the 13th National People's Congress on March 15, 2019, China had three diffferent laws regulating inward foreign investments. This first, brief note in a series of articles related to the new FIL, will layout the historical background of these three legal regimes that have governed foreign-invested enterprises since China's opening up to foreign investment in 1979.

Nuclear Arms Limitation With China?

China has been criticised about its nuclear modernisation a great deal in recent years. With the landmark New START's future looking increasingly dubious, this paper examines the possibility of a multilateral arms limitation treaty involving China in the future.

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