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Clashes in Trade and Causes of Migration: The Case of India and China as the Dynamic to the World

In existing phase, the mass movement of people across the globe constitutes a major feature of world politics. Whatever the reason, the Western capitalist states see this movement as a serious threat to their stability. Little coherence is found between the development and migration policies of governments in countries of destination and origin. Expectations of mobility become widespread, but the restrictions on movement become tighter all the time. The scale of migration indicates a need for a radical re-thinking of both theory and practice, for the sake of political, social and economic justice. The proposed paper applies case study method and compare India and China with respect to US to analyse the main philosophical arguments regarding complementary links between globalization and immigration and assess the main trends of people’s movements.


Dr. Sangit Sarita Dwivedi

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Bharati College, University of Delhi

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