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Time for India to Rethink its Taiwan Policy

Taiwan’s successful response to the COVID-19 and China’s insensitivities towards India’s territorial integrity is shaping the domestic debate about Taiwan and China in India. There have been calls to reevaluate India’s China policy, be more transparent with the developments at the border, and advance ties with Taiwan. India does not have diplomatic ties with Taiwan and relations are managed through ‘unofficial’ channels. Over the years, the China factor has loomed large on the prospects of setting the right context for India-Taiwan relations. While the ongoing standoff has provided a window of opportunity for India to look towards Taiwan, there is a need for both sides to have a long-term and consistent framework to engage each other. Taiwan, under the administration of President Tsai Ing-wen, has emphasised the importance of strengthening ties with India and the recent enthusiasm about Taiwan among Indians has provided an impetus to Taiwan’s efforts to reach out to India. It is in this context, the paper attempts to explore options for further engagement between Taiwan and India.


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