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Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy: India and China Compared

In recent years, both India and China have become increasingly cognisant of nation branding and public diplomacy. Both nations are engaged with actively telling the story of their land and to further realise national goals.

The Crisis in India-China Relations

This paper discusses the present crisis occasioned by China’s behaviour on the border since spring 2020, why we have come to this pass, the consequences that might follow

Karl Marx and the Taiping Rebellion

This article attempts to understand Karl Marx’s position on the Taiping Rebellion- by itself, and within his larger evolving discourse of the Asiatic mode of production and the Orient. Marx understands the Taiping Rebellion..

India’s Envoy to China 1961–63 P K Banerjee’s China Days

This essay is based on P K Banerjee’s (1917–2003) book, My Peking Memoirs of the Chinese Invasion of India (Banerjee 1990), published 14 years after he retired from the Indian Foreign Service (IFS).1 I have my own connection to the story as I reached Beijing in August 1963, spending five months

The Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund

China’s spectacular growth in the last few decades has led to the accumulation of huge amounts of foreign reserves. The emergence of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) has been another major change in the economic and financial sphere of the world. In 2007, China also decided to invest its..

China’s Cyber Governance: Between Domestic Compulsions and National Security

Since the advent of the internet era, different countries have adopted diverse approaches for the regulation and governance of the cyberspace. These approaches have often been divergent as well as contradictory to each other, causing an unresolved debate for an ideal framework for cyber laws.

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