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China through European Eyes

In this short paper, I will trace the evolution of views and debate on China specifically in Europe. European attitudes towards China are part of more broadly Western perceptions of China.

Changing Patterns in India-China Trade Relations

Recent global trade developments, including a sluggish global economy, slowing trade, heightened trade disputes, and now an expected disruption on account of coronavirus in China has led to the recasting of an outward-looking economy’s strategies for external engagement.

The Belt and Road Initiative Post-April 2019: Plus ça Change !

The extensive and wide-ranging presence of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become a phenomenon which is here to stay. The proposal announced by President Xi Jinping in 2013 at Nazarbayev University envisioned China's reaching across the world

China’s New FDI Law: Reform or Retaliation

The Foreign Investment Law (FIL) was the most significant legislation approved by China’s National People’s Congress in its March 2019 session. It repeals three existing laws that have served as pillars of the FDI regime for almost four decades

The Rising Tide of Technological Denial against China

This essay gauges the degree of disaffection that has surfaced across the developed world towards China’s various methods of technology acquisition and provides an overview of the emerging technology denial strategies.

Land, People and Faith: Wang Meng’s Narrative of Uyghur Life in Zhe bian fengjing

The paper throws light on the author’s life in the region as well as the narrative of the novel. It attempts to understand the relevance of the novel in the present form at a time when the Muslim minorities of Xinjiang are experiencing ruthless coercion, surveillance and repressive reeducation campaign under President Xi Jinping.

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