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Recent Initiatives to Promote China Studies in India: A Preliminary Report and Assessment

With almost every aspect of life in today's world feeling the impact of an increasingly powerful China, the strategic importance for India of studying China seriously hardly needs to be emphasised. Yet, although the "buzz" about China has certainly increased, it is apparent that this has not necessarily translated into a more informed understanding of China here in India.

Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy: India and China Compared

In recent years, both India and China have become increasingly cognisant of nation branding and public diplomacy. Both nations are engaged with actively telling the story of their land and to further realise national goals.

The Crisis in India-China Relations

This paper discusses the present crisis occasioned by China’s behaviour on the border since spring 2020, why we have come to this pass, the consequences that might follow

Karl Marx and the Taiping Rebellion

This article attempts to understand Karl Marx’s position on the Taiping Rebellion- by itself, and within his larger evolving discourse of the Asiatic mode of production and the Orient. Marx understands the Taiping Rebellion..

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