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India’s Envoy to China 1961–63 P K Banerjee’s China Days

This essay is based on P K Banerjee’s (1917–2003) book, My Peking Memoirs of the Chinese Invasion of India (Banerjee 1990), published 14 years after he retired from the Indian Foreign Service (IFS).1 I have my own connection to the story as I reached Beijing in August 1963, spending five months

The Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund

China’s spectacular growth in the last few decades has led to the accumulation of huge amounts of foreign reserves. The emergence of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) has been another major change in the economic and financial sphere of the world. In 2007, China also decided to invest its..

China’s Cyber Governance: Between Domestic Compulsions and National Security

Since the advent of the internet era, different countries have adopted diverse approaches for the regulation and governance of the cyberspace. These approaches have often been divergent as well as contradictory to each other, causing an unresolved debate for an ideal framework for cyber laws.

What Future for India-China Economic Relations?

India today faces a ‘triple whammy’: the Covid crisis, the economic downturn and the China challenge. To confront these issues and emerge successful will require a massive and well-considered effort of national mobilisation. The key driver has to be the economic front; only the enhancement of India's

Student Mobility for Higher Education: The Case of Indian Students Studying Medicine in China

The mobility of Indian students travelling abroad for higher education, has been on the rise since the early 2000s. The favoured destinations have been the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. However, in the last few years it has been observed that China is one of the top non-English speaking countries where Indians are going for higher education, mostly for undergraduate medical courses.

Analyzing China’s Mediator Role in MENA - More than Just a Global Responsibility?

Most of the literature on China’s relations with Middle East begins and ends with oil. As cited by Nigel Thalakada, China is pursuing a 'maxi-mini' strategy, maximizing its security and economic benefits while minimizing its responsibilities. China's insistent urge for peaceful political settlements to ..

Launch-On-Warning and China’s Nuclear Posture

China’s deterrent is premised on the survivability and credibility of its nuclear forces. The policy of assured retaliation has allowed it to maintain a relatively small arsenal, stressing on second-strike capabilities for counter-value targeting. However, strides made by the US in precision strike...

US-China Rivalry: A Strategic Moment for India?

US-China tensions can broadly be classified into four major areas: Trade, Technology, Territorial issues (such as Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan, the South China Sea, and Regional Connectivity) and Tenets, which allude to values, ideology and the advocacy of particular systems of political and economic governance (T4).

COVID-19, China and Anatomy of Fang Fang Phenomenon

In modern China, even under Mao’s communist era, literature has been regarded as an instrument of political dissent. Two major approaches are required to seriously reflect on how to understand the anatomy of the Fang Fang Phenomenon: one is to view it in the historical context of New

How History Shapes the March Towards Rule of Law - Lessons from India and China

It is no secret that a nation state’s domestic legal system, its functioning and continued reformation is essential to maintain the ‘rule of law’. While the notion of this ‘rule of law’ differs from state to state based on the extent of enshrined constitutional guarantees, independence of the judiciary and various

This Changes Everything? A Possible Future of China-U.S Relations after Trump

Looking past common prognostications, this article focuses on the conditions for an alternative possible future of China-U.S. relations, beyond the trade war or a new cold war. Its aim is to map out a possible future that would open up if the U.S. political system takes a leftward turn in 2020 or beyond.

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