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Gauging the Importance of Electoral Reforms in Evolving Procedural Democracy in Mongolia

The central theme of the research paper is to analyse the democratic evolution especially the procedural aspect in the context of the electoral reforms in Mongolia. Tracing the trajectory of elections since 1996 till 2020, the research paper tries to highlight as how the electoral reforms in post-communist Mongolia since 1996 have guided the  electoral mechanism in such a way that it has strengthen the democratic ideals in the region. The research paper also dealt with the major debates pertaining to the electoral reforms in Mongolia.

The study makes use of both the primary sources like the governmental data and reports and the secondary sources like newspapers, journals and internet sources. Deductive and inductive approaches along with analytical method have been employed so as to make the study more comprehensive.

The research paper concludes by making us understand as how the various burning issues and demands that pushed for subsequent electoral reforms in Mongolia have helped in evolving the procedural democracy in a more natural way.


Keywords: Mongolia, Procedural Democracy, Elections, Electoral Reforms and Electoral Systems.


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