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20 Apr 2019

A Himalayan View on the Making of the Indian Republic: Bhutan's Representations to India, 1946-49

Swati Chawla

10 Apr 2019

China-Myanmar Relations under Xi Jinping: A Critical Assessment

Puyam Rakesh Singh

02 Apr 2019

Roundtable Discussion: The Second Session of the National People's Congress

Biswajit Dhar, Hemant Adlakha & P.K. Anand

29 Mar 2019

Roundtable Discussion on Trump-Kim Summit at Hanoi

Amb. Anil Wadhwa, Amb. Vishnu Prakash, Dr. Sandip Mishra & Amb. Ashok K. Kantha

27 Mar 2019

From the “Margins” to the “Core”: Understanding China’s Engagement at the World Trade Organisation

Priyanka Pandit

27 Feb 2019

Book Release & Discussion: China at a Turning Point Perspectives after the 19th Party Congress

Manoranjan Mohanty, Patricia Uberoi, Govind Kelkar, Kishan S. Rana, Ashok K. Kantha

25 Feb 2019

China's New Borders in the 21st Century

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

20 Feb 2019

China Factor in India-America Relations (1942-62)

Atul Bhardwaj

12 Feb 2019

13th GDML: The Historical Silk Road & BRI

Mark C. Elliott

07 Feb 2019

Governance of Government Middle Schools in Beijing and Delhi: Supportive Accountability, Incentives and Capacity

Yan Yifei

30 Jan 2019

Five Years of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): An Appraisal

Prabir De

18 Jan 2019

Beyond Regimes: India and China Compared by Prasenjit Duara and Elizabeth J. Perry

Shivshankar Menon, Prasenjit Duara, T G Suresh, Sonika Gupta

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