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Shades of India-China Energy Geopolitics: From Petroleum to Renewables

Geopolitics always played a pivotal role in the India-China engagement in the energy front. In the past, India’s International Oil Companies search for energy in Africa, Latin America and Central Asia witnessed competition from Chinese counterparts. In many instances, Indian companies were unable to secure energy assets as the host countries decided in the latter’s favour. It is also noticed that, Chinese companies have been enjoying a great deal of support from its government in securing energy assets, as making physical presence in the oil and gas rich regions was seen as critical approach in fuel supply security. Today China one of the biggest player in the global energy sector, both as a consumer of conventional fuels and as a producer and supplier of equipment in the renewable energy sector. 
The new energy geopolitics in the non-conventional sector today is more about the scramble for market access by major players in the renewable energy market in different geographies. India has a huge domestic renewable market also have interest in supporting other developing economies in their transition to clean energy. However, both domestic Indian market as well as Indian companies’ market interest in other regions face competition from Chinese counterparts. This not only limits the market access of Indian companies, but also prevents their own growth within the country. This analysis focus on how and why Chinese players are able to perform better in securing market access in many geographic locations and ensure their dominance in the renewable sector. 


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