Finding India in China: Travels to the Lesser Known

This memoir recalls Anurag Viswanath’s journey from the China’s western most frontier Xinjiang to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia and the Gulangyu Island in Fujian province. With her distinct Indian perspectives, the book explores the day-to day realities of the remote and lesser-documented regions of the contemporary China and the similarities and differences between the people of India and China.  

Having extensive experience of traveling through interiors of China, the author has put her understanding and perceptions of the country into this book. As one moves further from the glittery eastern coastal cities towards western hinterlands, a different China emerges. It is this China and its lesser-known diversity which is the highlight of the book, and not the oft-discussed Chinese economic miracle or the ‘golden cities’.

The book spans seven different cities/villages located in China’s hinterlands or the periphery. These cities/villages were chosen since the author believes there is a degree of similarity with different cities or regions in India. It is intended for the layperson curious to understand China through an Indian lens.

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