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Anurag Viswanath is a Singapore based independent writer and China specialist. She has published over 150 articles. Since 2011, she writes for Financial Express (Delhi) . She has also contributed in publications such as The Bangkok Post, Prachatai & Nation (Thailand), Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong), Journal of Contemporary Asia (Manila),  Economic and Political Weekly (Mumbai), Global Affairs (Mumbai) andIndian Management (Delhi). She was a regular writer at Business Standard (Delhi) from 2007-2011. While she has written about Thailand, India, Singapore, her main focus is contemporary China.
Her book, Finding India in China(2015), has received a lot of interest — she was invited to the Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival, Singapore Writers Festival, Foreign Correspondents Club (Shanghai and Hong Kong), Siam Society (Bangkok), Royal Asiatic Society (Shanghai), Hopkins Forum (Shanghai) and National Institute of Advanced Studies (Bangalore).  
She was the keynote speaker at the annual investors’ conference organised by Kotak Institutional Equities in Singapore (2011) and at “Chasing Growth” mega annual conference (2012) in Mumbai. 
Anurag graduated with a MA from Hindu College after a BA from Miranda House  ranking among the top five in the University of Delhi. She obtained her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Delhi under the supervision of Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty. Anurag was awarded a fellowship for her Ph.D. by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, as well as a Research Fellowship at Fudan University from the Government of India and Ford Foundation. She was also a Visiting Scholar under late Prof. Richard Baum at the UCLA, USA. She taught at Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi for 2 years before turning to writing full-time.


What the Shanghainese are scared of: it’s not Covid- Although the first country to enter the pandemic could also be the last out get out of it
04 May 2022

China’s President Xi Jinping, the man behind its “dynamic zero-Covid” policy, seeks an unprecedented third term later in 2022. But it is also a year that appears to be panning

Why Chinese are more scared of lockdowns than the virus
04 May 2022

China’s President Xi Jinping, the man behind its “dynamic zero-Covid” policy, seeks an unprecedented third term later in 2022. But it is also a year that appears

Can China really get off the zero-Covid tiger? Xi’s government remains wary of a U-turn despite great public anger against the Shanghai lockdown
11 Apr 2022

Early signs of relaxation are now being seen but Shanghai, a city of 25 million, has been under a long lockdown – where those outside don’t want to get in and those inside want to get out.

China: Sex, censorship, videos & gender – What Peng Shuai case tells us about the state of women and treatment of MeToo victims in the country
24 Nov 2021

China’s MeToo scandal involving a high-ranking Communist Party official Zhang Gaoli (former vice-premier) and tennis star Peng Shuai has taken the world by storm.

“Loveable” China in times of COVID-19 China’s “Vaccine Diplomacy” in Southeast Asia
22 Sep 2021

China’s economic muscle and footprint has been on the rise in the world. So has China's outreach of its foreign policy.

Why China’s 3-child policy will fail
23 Jul 2021

Without childcare support, maternity benefits and subsidised housing from the state, its declining population trend is unlikely to reverse

Xi Jinping’s ‘New Era’ – Continuities and Change
27 Feb 2020

Is China’s reform era over? Observers stand divided about President Xi Jinping’s tenure (2012-). For China, 2020 is critical, as China approaches its first centenary goal in 2021.

Wuhan impact on China: With a formidable GDP of $14.37 trillion, the country will recover and bounce back in business
22 Feb 2020

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, was long known for its car factories and the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation (WISCO). Today, Wuhan has come to be known as the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Huawei conundrum: Global collaboration’ continues to elude Chinese giant; India testing waters
17 Feb 2020

While several American allies such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan are not engaging with Huawei, countries such as France, Germany and even India are testing waters

Tough times for China Model: Chinese Year of the Rat begins with metaphorical ‘plague’
08 Feb 2020

China’s crisis illustrates that ‘top down’ is not a one-way street of fairy break-neck development but comes at a huge cost

Behind Myanmar -China pauk phaw relations
01 Feb 2020

Irrespective of India’s Look East, US sanctions or UK sanctions in Myanmar, China has been out there in Myanmar, parked with a consistent policy and focus—and backed by economic muscle.

Japan-North Korea relations remain in a freeze – Shinzo Abe seeks an evolution of Yoshida Doctrine
13 Oct 2018

Shinzo Abe seeks an evolution of Yoshida Doctrine. Abe has made constitutional revision high on the agenda, seeking the ‘birth of a new Japan’ before it hosts the 2020 Olympics.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ comes to town: Based on the best-selling novel Crazy Rich Asians
01 Sep 2018

Beyond the chaff of class, riches and the fluff, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ comes across as a reminder of the possibilities and choiceful learnings from Singapore’s economic transformation.

The return of Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysia leans on Japan
18 Aug 2018

As a major ASEAN and regional player, actively reaching out to Japan, re-examining Chinese investments, and being upfront on the South China Sea, Mahathir Mohamad has onset a change in the region—still being tested...

US-North Korea Summit: A handshake that shook Asia
14 Jun 2018

The crossroads of Southeast Asia—Singapore—was the host for the historic first meeting between a US President and a North Korean leader.

Trump-Kim summit: China caught off-guard?
09 Jun 2018

As Singapore prepares to host the leaders, it is still unknown whether the US will foot the bill for the North Korean leader’s trip...

China’s Social Credit System: Big Brother is watching
12 May 2018

SCS may be understood as the ‘reset’ of China’s infamous yesteryears’ dossier. But what is the dossier? Indians may connect with China’s dossier with reference to the ration card...

For China, which is riding the North Korean tiger, getting off isn’t easy
06 May 2017

Sino-North Korean friendship is “closer than lips are to teeth.

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    • Visitng Scholar, (under Prof. Richard Baum, UCLA), USA
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    • PhD. Political Science, Delhi University
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