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China’s Minorities: State of Research in India

This research paper is prepared with a view to give a representative picture about the state of research in India as far as the study of China’s minorities and minority issues is concerned. The research involved collecting data on the following aspects: major scholars affiliated to any of the two formal academic institutions (universities and research institutes/think tanks) in Delhi and the major writings published by them. In that, it excludes scholars and writings by those outside the formal academic framework. This limited, but focused approach, also helps to understand the degree of emphasis on the subject by the given institutions. Within this, the research includes data about the number of events organized by these institutions on China’s minority issues.
In the due course of data collection, it was evident that research on the subject of China’s minorities and minority related issues are minimal. Further, the paucity of research on the subject and the unbalanced emphasis on Tibet, and to some extent, Xinjiang, whether in the universities or think tanks, provided the incentive to look for additional sources. Thus, the paper includes supplementary data on the number of research (thesis and dissertations) successfully undertaken by students in the major universities in Delhi leading to the award of respective Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. Such an approach offers an interesting preview into the role of the university faculty members and departments, where the research is undertaken, in shaping the discourse on the given subject over a given period.

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