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Hemant Adlakha is Associate Professor at the Centre for Chinese & South East Asian Studies, School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Beijing Thinks India is the ‘Weakling’ in Quad
18 Aug 2021

“Quad” was first laughed at in Beijing as a “beggar’s club,” then denounced as Cold War mindset. Analysts globally, especially in Beijing, have been describing India

A likely Xi-Biden Sit down in Rome: G20 aka G2?
18 Jul 2021

In recent weeks, two of Biden’s top foreign policy “troika” have publicly stated, with Biden-Putin summit in the rearview the President

Taiwan: The First and Oldest ‘Thorn’ between China and the West
12 Jul 2021

Over three hundred and fifty years ago, when the West lost its first war with China over Taiwan, the technological level between the two sides was fairly even.

As ‘Ping Pong’ Diplomacy completes fifty years, ‘Diplomacy’ is missing in the US-China ties
01 Jul 2021

During the past two hundred years, relations between China and the US/West have mostly been troubled and far from being smooth.

Of Prejudice and Victimhood
18 May 2021

Many in China believe since the novel coronavirus outbreak, mainstream Western opinion has been on the opposite side of China.

Kissinger Again Warns US, China Heading for Armageddon-like Clash
05 May 2021

In January 2015, the peace group CODEPINK dangled a pair of handcuffs in front of the then 91-year old former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at a Senate hearing.

Nicholas Burns for China Envoy: Is Biden Sending Wrong Signals to Beijing?
26 Apr 2021

“The US ambassador to Beijing must be someone who can show to the world the importance of the Unites States’ relationship with the Peoples’ Republic of China,”

Kerry’s China Visit: ‘A Weasel Paying a New Year Call to a Chicken’
19 Apr 2021

A section in the international press claims the US climate envoy John Kerry’s mid-week Shanghai visit was aimed at the White House “wooing Beijing” before the upcoming Earth Summit on April 22.

Why Biden’s “America is Back” for Beijing is “Cold War is Back”
20 Mar 2021

While campaigning for the US presidential election Joe Biden referred to China’s top leader Xi Jinping as a “thug.”

US, China Officials to fly down all the way to Anchorage, to disagree
15 Mar 2021

As the US warns China to brace for “difficult” issues when they meet in Anchorage on Thursday, Beijing has reiterated the US must give up the anti-China Cold War mentality.

Why is India’s MEA Silent on China’s Dam Project Near Arunachal?
15 Mar 2021

“…as the recent clashes on the Sino-Indian border have made clear, India needs to assess how China might ‘weaponise’ its advantage over those countries downstream.

‘Biden’s First Foreign Policy Address to the World’: Nothing ‘Lost in Translation’,
15 Feb 2021

Obama’s “pivot” and Trump’s “trade war” defined the US (anti-)China policy.

With RCEP Complete, China Eyes CPTPP
01 Dec 2020

Is President Xi Jinping’s statement desire to join the CPTPP a signal of reconciliation to the new Biden administration or a bid to advance China’s regional dominance?

India-China Cultural Relations Thrive in the Time of Border Conflict’
21 Nov 2020

It was a virtual ceremony of a different kind in Puducherry in the southern part of India, on October 26 this year.

Did China Join COVAX to Counter or Promote Vaccine Nationalism?
23 Oct 2020

On October 9, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying announced that China has formally joined COVAX.

Featuring "Hemant Adlakha", CNBC TV18
02 Sep 2020

Indian troops successfully thwart China’s attempts to seize control of Southern Bank of Pangong Tso. With military talks making little headway, what is the way forward? @Parikshitl talks to experts.

Chinese Experts Think US-China Rivalry Accelerated Shinzo Abe’s Departure
02 Sep 2020

Experts in Beijing believe Abe got caught up in the unending hostility between Japan’s key ally, the U.S. and China, its largest trading partner — just like in 2007

কোপ ম্যান্ডারিনে, প্রশ্নে শিক্ষানীতি
02 Aug 2020

যেন ‘সোনার কেল্লায়’ মুকুলকে বলা সেই বিখ্যাত সংলাপ: ‘ভ্যানিশ!’

National Education Policy 2020 | Mandarin dropped from language list
01 Aug 2020

The National Education Policy (NEP) has dropped Mandarin or ‘Chinese’ from its list of examples of foreign languages that can be taught in schools.

The Chinese View: China’s Long Range Missiles not Threatened by Indian Air Defence Systems
06 Jul 2020

The article is presenting what the Chinese are writings in their Media

The Chinese View
01 Jul 2020

The article is presenting what the Chinese are writings in their Media.

Pompeo Defies Covid-19 and Visits Jerusalem with ‘Mission China’ Agenda
26 Jun 2020

Less than three years ago, China and Israel marked 25 years of their bilateral diplomatic relations. While Beijing celebrated the occasion also to show to the world China’s ability to implement a more balanced and pragmatic Middle East foreign policy; Jerusalem was exuberant in its successfully walking..

COVID-19, China and Anatomy of Fang Fang Phenomenon
02 May 2020

In modern China, even under Mao’s communist era, literature has been regarded as an instrument of political dissent. Two major approaches are required to seriously reflect on how to understand the anatomy of the Fang Fang Phenomenon: one is to view it in the historical context of New

China Is Starting to See India as a Major Threat
11 Jan 2018

More and more, scholars in China see India replacing Japan as the second biggest threat to Beijing, following the U.S.

China’s North Korea Debate
25 Mar 2017

There are three broad camps on how to deal with an increasingly unruly Pyongyang.


Areas of interest

Political Culture and Civil Society discourse in China, State and Society in Chinese Political Theory, Political and Economic History of Modern China.


Current Positions

    • Chair & Assoc. Professor, Centre for Chinese and South East Asian Studies, JNU
    • Honorary Fellow, ICS


Past Positions

    • Lecturer, Viswa-Bharati University, West Bengal


    • PhD, Jawaharlal Nehru University
    • MA, Chinese, JNU

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