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China Report; 55 (3)

An Introductory Note for the Articles

The article by Kishan S. Rana examines the challenges that China currently faces in pursuing its ambitious external objectives, in a fraught international environment and contestation among the world’s leading and emerging powers. Domestic challenges in coordinating actions are visible in BRI projects, which are a high national priority. The Chinese foreign ministry now receives better political support, but it remains unclear if this will suffice in meeting the major challenges they face, both abroad and at home—in working with domestic stakeholders.

Nancy Muthoni Githaiga and Wang Bing, in their article examines the flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Kenya, the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi, with a view to analyse the impact so far. Issues of employment, debt sustainability, neocolonialism and specific aspects of the project were looked at. Although their findings indicate that the SGR so far has both positive aspects as well as challenges, but for the project to be successful both China and Kenya need to create a synergy towards solving concerns that have arisen from the completion of phase 1 of the project.

In this article Amsalu K. Addis and Zhu Zuping examines the impact of Chinese and Indian economic activities on Ethiopia’s economic growth and examines the period from 1992 to 2016 from historical and contemporary perspectives. This study also includes a case study of members of Ethiopian society’s attitudes towards the presence and prospects of Chinese and Indian investment projects and its perceptions of these projects.

The article by Ngo Xuan Binh  evaluate the risks and current policy practices in order to bring about recommendations for policymakers to deal with the risk involved in current Vietnam–China trade.


I Articles

  • China’s Foreign Ministry: Fit for Purpose in the Era of Xi Jinping, BRI and ‘Major Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics’?
    Kishan S. Rana   
  • Belt and Road Initiative in Africa: The Impact of Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya
    Nancy Muthoni Githaiga and Wang Bing
  • Assessment of the Impact of Chinese and Indian Economic Activities in Africa: A Particular Focus on Ethiopia’s Economy
    Amsalu K. Addis and Zhu Zuping
  • Vietnam’s Exports to the Chinese Market: Risks and Potential Mitigators
    Ngo Xuan Binh 


II Book Reviews

  • Book Review: China, Trade and Power: Why the West’s Economic Engagement Has Failed by Stewart Paterson
    Sharmila Kantha 
  • Book Review: What is China: Territory, Ethnicity, Culture and History Translated by Michael Gibbs Hill by Ge Zhaoguang
    Prasenjit Duara 
  • Book Review: China and Transboundary Water Politics in Asia by Hongzhou Zhang and Mingjiang Li
    Amit Ranjan
  • Book Review: Stray Birds on the Huangpu: A History of Indians in Shanghai Edited by Mishi Saran and Zhang Ke
    Biren Nanda  
  • Book Review: Beyond Regimes: China and India Compared Edited by Prasenjit Duara and Elizabeth J. Perry
    Sonika Gupta 

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