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Principal Consultant, Confederation of Indian Industry

China’s Recent Tech Regulatory Measures
19 Sep 2021

China’s recent regulatory measures related to large technology-led companies have raised questions about its future economic growth trajectory

Changing Patterns in India-China Trade Relations
19 Feb 2020

Recent global trade developments, including a sluggish global economy, slowing trade, heightened trade disputes, and now an expected disruption on account of coronavirus in China has led to the recasting of an outward-looking economy’s strategies for external engagement.

The United States-China Trade Confrontation and Implications for India
20 Apr 2018

The paper finds that India would not benefit from trade diversion if the US and China look for new import sources.As per the analysis, India’s exports to both US and China of products on which tariffs have been imposed is almost negligible.


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    Principal Consultant, Confederation of Indian Industry

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