2nd All India Conference for East Asian Studies, 05-06 April 2024

05 Apr 2024
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Time: 10:00 AM

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East Asia, as seen in recent times, is becoming the focal point of growth. As a result of this it is likely to become a region that influences world events. The global order that the West had been dominating until now is beginning to look eastwards. Over the next two decades the Indo-Pacific region, including both Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia is likely to emerge as the pivot of Asia. This is because the countries in this region, although geographically and demographically small, are economically extremely dynamic.

However, these countries are still trying to cope with the far-reaching and deleterious impact of Covid-19 on the economic, social and political situation in their domestic conditions. With the focus of world attention on the devastating wars in Ukraine and Gaza, the internal dynamics within these smaller nation-states, such as increasing nationalism, demographic changes, supply chain problems, unemployment issues, women's rights, human rights to name but a few, tend to get short shrift. The domestic arena can in fact throw a great deal of light on how the foreign and strategic policies of these countries are being shaped in the context of an uncertain and unstable global situation.

The All India Conference of East Asian Studies (AICEAS) to be held in April 2024 will focus on the countries of East Asia from the Indian perspective and will therefore include the entire region east of India. It will review the challenges they face on all fronts and their responses vis-a-vis these. It will discuss the evolving landscape of foreign relations of these countries and the impact, if any, of the ongoing conflicts around the world.



The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) is pleased to announce the 2nd All India Conference of East Asian Studies (AICEAS). Since 2022, the ICS has held AICEAS in partnership with leading academic institutions/ research organisations across India. The conference is convened bi-annually. The 1st AICEAS was held in collaboration with the Department of International Relations & Governance Studies (IRGS), Shiv Nadar University (Delhi NCR) from 21-22 March 2022. The 2nd AICEAS will be held in collaboration with the Centre for East Asian Studies, Christ University from 5-6 April 2024.

AICEAS brings together students, researchers, university faculty, practitioners and other individuals with an interest in East Asia to present and discuss their research in the field. The principal objective of the conference is to foster interest in and strengthen research on East Asian Studies, primarily focusing on Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan. We also welcome papers related to Southeast Asia. As mentioned above, this year’s conference will view East Asia as the region east of India.

The Conference will be held on the following themes:

  1. Getting the economy back on track
  2. Democratization Issues: Challenges and Responses
  3. Intraregional Issues/Disputes: Territory and Resources
  4. Refugees and Migration
  5. Multilateralism in East Asia: Emerging Contours


The Deadlines are:

07 January 2024 : Last date for receiving abstracts (250-300 words)

20 January 2024 : Notification of shortlisted abstracts

05 March 2024 : Last date for receiving full papers (5000 words inclusive of references)

15 March 2024 : Announcement of final papers

If you have any queries or concerns, please write to us at

The best overall paper presented by a young & emerging scholar at AICEAS will be selected for the Govind Purushottam Deshpande Award with a prize money of Rs. 25,000/-. It will also be published by the ICS. In addition, the CEAS of Christ University is pleased to announce that it will offer a Best Paper Award of Rs.5000/- for each of the sessions. This will not include the session from which the best paper of the AICEAS will be selected. The selections will be made by a Committee of scholars and eminent experts, set up by the ICS and the CEAS, Christ University, on the basis of methodology, sources consulted, arguments and presentation. Further relevant information will be posted in due course of time on the ICS website.

The Govind Purushottam Deshpande Award, instituted by the ICS for the Best Overall Paper presented by a young & emerging scholar, was awarded to Anmol Mukhia, Distinguished Fellow (Honorary), Forum for Global Studies, New Delhi & Assistant Head and Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Centre for Distance and Online Education, Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim. He received this award for his paper titled, "Northeast China in Making a 'Unitary Multi-National State' for Korean Identity", presented at the 2nd All India Conference of East Asian Studies.

Additionally, scholars from each thematic panels received Best Paper Awards, presented by the Centre of East Asian Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru.


Thematic Panel I: Democratization Issues: Challenges And Responses

Cherry Hitkari, Doctoral Scholar, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, New Delhi, received this award for her paper titled, "Performing 'Taiwaneseness': Identity Construction, Democratic Consolidation and Political Cartoons in the Post-Pandemic Era".


Thematic Panel II: Getting the Economy Back on Track

Megha Shrivastava, Dr. TMA Pai Fellow and Doctoral Scholar, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, received this award for her paper titled, "Global Supply Chains, Export Controls, and Geopolitics: East Asia’s Semiconductor Industry in the Post-pandemic World".


Thematic Panel III: Interregional and Intraregional Issues/Disputes: Territory and Resources

Gagan Hitkari, Doctoral Scholar, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, New Delhi, received this award for his paper titled, "Navigating North Korea’s 'New Era': Assessing Security Perceptions and Prospects for Peace in the Post-Pandemic World".


Thematic Panel IV: Refugees and Migration

Snehal Thakre & Jose Deepak TT, Post-graduate Scholars in Public Policy, Design and Management, Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP), New Delhi, received this award for their paper titled, "In the Midst of Conflicts and Uncertainty: The State of Refugees in Taiwan".


Thematic Panel V: Multilateralism in East Asia: Emerging Contours

Amey Velangi, Fellow, Chanakya University, Bengaluru, received this award for his paper titled, "The Rift in ASEAN over Dealing with China in the Indo-Pacific: Its Strategic Implications".




Prof. Vyjayanti Raghavan (Retd.)
Centre for Koread Studies
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi - 110067.


Dr. N. Manoharan
Director & Professor
Centre for East Asian Studies
889, 8th Floor Central Block
Christ University, Bengaluru - 560029

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