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Shen Peng: When is the best time?

Some people always talk about “now is not the best time”. COVID-19 pandemic, the US imperialism, the trade war and then there is belligerent India. So, will there ever be a "best time"? Was 1927 a good time? Was 1937 a good time? Was 1946 a good time? Was 1949 a good time? Was 1950 a good time? Was 1962 a good time? Can’t really bargain with the wheels of history, can you? History will never give such a perfect opportunity. The CPC was born at the time of national crisis; our nation and political power were built surrounded by “a pack of wolves” [a reference to the group of foreign imperialist powers – Tr.]; our fundamental cause arose from amidst the life and death struggles. Is there really ever a “perfect time”?


Shubhda Gurung

ICS-HYI Fellow and Research Scholar

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