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“Don't get entangled with women's independence, it is men who are in dire need to be independent”

Actually, if someone likes to do household chores, does not like to go for work, can bear to stay at home and become a full-time housewife/husband – it is absolutely fine. However, the problem is the aspiration of being a “full-time housewife,” is not the first choice for majority of women. The truth is, a few days ago, when I saw “whether being a full-time housewife can be seen as being an independent woman,” as the hot topic of discussion in Weibo, my first reaction was —— “If full-time housewife is also considered to be an independent woman, then there will be no one who can be considered as not independent.” In that case, you can also be called an independent woman, I can also be called an independent woman, and everyone can fall under the category. I surely do not mean to belittle the full-time housewives. It is just that, in my impression, “full-time housewife” and “independent women” are two completely opposite conditions, there exists a mutual transformation between them (for example an independent woman changes into a full-time housewife after marriage, or a full-time housewife after confronting with upheavals in marriage comes out to work, and gradually becomes an independent woman). However, I never thought that these two statuses had the possibility of merging or overlapping. But when I saw one of the fellow netizen say “what is full-time housewife, it is just housewife,” doubts started engulfing me.


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