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T G Suresh is currently an Associate Professor in the Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has joined the Centre in 2003 as an Assistant Professor with specialization in Comparative Politics and  Comparative Political Economy.  By training and inclination Suresh is a Chinese Studies scholar keenly interested in the ideas and practices in the making of contemporary China. His Ph.D dissertation (1998, Unpublished) on Ideology in Post – Mao China was an exploration into the intellectual and political expressions of dissent in the last quarter of the twentieth century. His publications and conference papers on China covers a broad range of concerns including nationalism, the political economy of reforms in Sichuan province, labour and building production in Shanghai and Delhi and the new urban labour regime in China.  Over the years his research has drawn more into the labour question in China and India in particular how global economic flows are transforming the  cities in India and China and in the at process generating new sets of vulnerabilities for wage seekers. His current research focuses on how new forms are social labour are getting shaped at the intersections of urban spatial practices and global economic flows in Delhi and Shanghai.

Suresh has been a visiting research fellow at the Asia Research Institute (ARI), National University of Singapore (NUS) to pursue his research on labour assemblages in Shanghai and Delhi in 2012.  He received the Asia Fellows award (by the Asian Scholarship Foundation (ASF), Bangkok) in 2008 to conduct field study on the political economy of reforms in Sichuan province. He has also been a visiting fellow to a number of Universities and academic institutions in China including  the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), Beijing, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, School of Politics and Public Administration, Shandong University, Jinan, Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan University, Chengdu and Institute of China – India Studies, Jinan University, Guangzhou, Fellow of the Fulbright American Studies Institute, University of Delaware, United States (2005).


Areas of interest

Comparative political economy of India and China, social labour and urban processes in Delhi and Shanghai and critical globalisation studies with reference to Sichuan and Delhi.


Current Positions

    • Associate Professor, Centre for Political Studies, JNU
    • Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi

Past Positions

    •  Visiting Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute ( ARI ), National University of Singapore ( NUS)


    • PhD, Chinese Studies, SIS, JNU
    • M.A. Politics and International Relations, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala

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