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Sushila Narsimhan, Professor of Japanese Studies, began her career in 1964 in Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, and later moved to the Department of East Asian Studies where she taught until her retirement in October 2007. She continues teaching as Guest Faculty in the same department. She is recipient of the Japan Foundation Fellowship in 1987-1988 for doctoral dissertation, and in 2001 for post-doctoral research and, on both the occasions, was affiliated with the University of Tokyo, Japan. In 2002, she got UGC field trip grant for her post-doctoral research in Stanford University, California, USA.

Her specialization is Japan’s Meiji period and 19th century Sino-Japanese relations. Her major publications include: Nineteenth Century Japanese Perceptions of China: Influence of Fukuzawa Yukichi (New Delhi: 1999) and several research papers. She has also co-edited six books, namely India and East Asia: Learning from Each Other (New Delhi: 2004), Korea and India: A Forging Relationship (New Delhi: 2005), Korea in Search of a Global Role (New Delhi: 2006), India and Korea: Bridging the Gaps (New Delhi: 2007), Growing Synergy between India and Korea (New Delhi: 2014), and Deepening India-Korea Relations: Towards a sustainable future (New Delhi: 2015).She is currently involved in writing Japan and China: From admiration to antagonism.

Her academic interests also include the study of plants that changed the course of human history and world civilization. The focus is on plants that are native to India, e.g., spices like pepper, cotton, indigo, jute, and how these plants from India became catalysts of some of the greatest adventures in human history – exploration of sea routes and new lands, extending Europe’s commercial traffic to Asia triggering aggressive mercantilism, Industrial Revolution in Britain, quest for raw materials, acquisition of India’s resourceful regions, commercialization of crops, rise of plantation industries, and subjugation of the native population.


Areas of interest

China-Japan Relations, Buddhism in East Asia, Culture


Current Positions

    • Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi
    • Guest Faculty, East Asian Studies, Delhi University

Past Positions

    • Professor, Japanese Studies, Dept. of East Asian Studies, Delhi University


    • PhD. Department of Chinese & Japanese Studies, University of Delhi
    • MA. History, Miranda House, Delhi University

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