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Govind Kelkar PhD in Political Economy of China is a Visiting Professor, Council for Social Development and Institute for Human Development, India. She is the Executive Director, GenDev Centre for Research and Innovation, India, and was a Senior Adviser, Landesa, Seattle, USA (May 2013-March 2020). In her concurrent assignments, Professor Kelkar was the International Research Coordinator of ENERGIA International, The Netherlands and research lead on Gender and Energy at Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai. She is a Distinguished Adjunct Faculty of Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Professor Kelkar has the position of Honorary Professor in Institute of Ethnology, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, China, and Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi. She has authored 16 books and numerous scholarly publications. She has recently completed two projects on gender and energy. 1. The Gender Factor in Political Economy of Energy Sector Dynamics (DFID-ENERGIA International supported) 2. Identifying Drivers and Barriers to Sustained Adoption of LPG as Clean Cooking Energy: Applying Lessons from India’s LPG programme to Nepal and Myanmar (MECS and DFID supported) Her recent book is Witch Hunts: Culture, Patriarchy and Structural Transformation (co-authored), Cambridge University Press, 2020.

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02 Jun 1995

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Areas of interest

Gender and Development,Women, Land and Productive Assets, Chinese Political Economy,Rural Development in Asia,Gender and Technology, Information Technology


Current Positions

    • Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi
    • Senior Advisor, Landesa /Rural Development Institute, New Delhi
    • Senior Fellow, International Centre for Research on Women, New Delhi

Past Positions

    • Senior Adviser, Landesa, Seattle, USA (May 2013-March 2020)


    • PhD

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