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Dr. G Venkat Raman is currently a Professor in the Area of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Venkat is primarily a Sinologist. Apart from China studies, Venkat has developed a keen interest in the subject of Business Ethics during the last more than eleven years of his association with IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode. Given his Political Science background Venkat brings in fresh perspectives in his teaching pedagogy and research. Venkat has co-authored a paper that got published in the Journal of Business Ethics arguing for a novel pedagogy called the Integrated Live Case Method Apart from teaching core courses like Introduction to International relations (for UG participants) and Ethics and CSR 9for PG participants) he offers elective courses like Power Rivalries and Global Governance in the twenty-first century, Understanding the China Challenge, and Political Risk Management. He has completed his doctoral studies from the School of Government in China’s premier University, Peking University, Beijing. Venkat is a fluent Mandarin speaker. He has also worked in Beijing as a professional for two years and eight months. He has been a visiting Fellow in the BRICS centre, Fudan University, Shanghai, and visiting Faculty in ICN Nancy, France. His areas of research interest are China’s interface with Global Governance and Business Ethics pedagogy. Venkat has also co-authored case studies on Indian businesses in China. These cases are part of prestigious case centres like ISB, Hyderabad and China Europe International Business school, Shanghai. Venkat is a mentor and advisor to the India China Fellowship Committee, Asia century Foundation, New Delhi. He is also member, Board of trustees, Azad foundation, New Delhi which works for the financial empowerment of women below the poverty line by training them in non-traditional livelihoods. He also contributes articles in popular media outlets like Founding Fuel, Financial Express and Quint. Venkat has also been invited as guest speaker in various fora to speak on themes related to China studies.

China After Mao: The Rise of a Superpower
07 Dec 2022

The book “China after Mao: The Rise of a Superpower” traces the rise of China as a superpower in the post-Mao era. It is the third major work by Frank Dikotter, a Dutch academic based in Hong Kong.

US-China Tech War: The US is Weaponising its Global Influence
01 Dec 2022

About five weeks ago, the Biden government announced a sweeping set of export controls, including a move to cut China off from certain semiconductor chips made anywhere in the world with US equipment.

Locating BRICS in the Global Order: Perspectives from the Global South
14 Oct 2022

BRICS is conceivably the most formidable organisation to have emerged in the post-Cold War period in the non-Western world. This book highlights the significance of BRICS in a wider global context and foregrounds

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17 Nov 2020

The 12th BRICS annual meeting is about to get underway. Unfortunately, the world has drastically changed since the previous BRICS summit. The coronavirus outbreak, the worsening of India-China ties,

Isolation or Engagement of China in Post Covid World Order
27 Aug 2020

In this talk organized by Strategy Area IIM Bangalore I talk about the internal and external factors leading to Chinese Assertiveness.

In Bid to Counter China, India Must Stay Wary of Western Alliances
28 Jul 2020

Mike Pompeo recently said that India holds an exciting promise to wean global supply chains away from China.

Coronavirus Crisis Will Test India’s Will to Boost Ties With China
05 Mar 2020

It has been ten years since I returned to India after spending seven years in Beijing. Looking back at my seven-year stint in Beijing, I have become convinced of the value of an international ‘immersion experience’.

Will China-India ties Take Orbital Jump
17 Sep 2014

China-India relations are poised to take the "orbital jump", says India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval.

Taking Corruption by the Horns
13 Mar 2014

Xi's clean governance campaign has yielded positive results but institutional measures are needed so officials put people first

Decentralization and Supervision
05 Nov 2013

One of the most important developments in recent times in China has been the announcement of a change in the State Council's management of the...

Wen to Leave Behind Busy Legacy
04 Mar 2013

The annual session of the National People's Congress will mark the official transfer of power from China's fourth generation leadership to the fifth.

Hu’s Legacy: Social Governance
21 Nov 2012

The just-concluded 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is the appropriate occasion to understand and appreciate the contribution of Hu Jintao

The Legacy of Hu Jintao
07 Nov 2012

As the curtains are drawn on the fourth generation of leadership under the stewardship of Hu Jintao and the stage being set for...


Areas of interest

Chinese Governance and Politics, BRICS, Business Ethics


Current Positions

    • Associate Professor, IIM Indore
    • Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi

Past Positions

    • Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi
    • Assistant Professor, Humanities and Liberal arts, IIM Kozhikode
    • Business Development Manager, Essar Steel, Representative Office, Beijing


    • PhD, School of Government, Peking University, Beijing
    • MA School of International Studies, JNU, Delhi

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