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Rama V. Baru is a Professor at the Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her major areas of research interest include commercialization of health services, infectious diseases, comparative health systems and health inequalities. She is the author of two books - Private Health Care in India: Social Characteristics and Trends and School Health Services in India: The Social and Economic Contexts. She has publications in journals and edited volumes.  She is on the Ethics Committee of the Medical Council of India and the Research committee of the Revised National Tuberculosis Programme of the Ministry of Health, Government of India.

Health policy pointers for India in China’s tryst with privatisation
25 Nov 2019

The Chinese government’s role today is split between public funding of social insurance for curative services and provisioning of private healthcare.

Commercialisation of Medical Care in China:Changing Landscapes
20 Sep 2019

This topical book will be useful to scholars and researchers of Chinese studies, Chinese economy, public health, health management, social health and medicine, medical sociology, sociology, political economy, public policy and public administration as well as policymakers and practitioners.

The Bhore Committee and the Recent Debates
15 Mar 2019

THE Bhore Committee report is a much-invoked document in academic, policy and activist circles when discussing the history of health services development in India.

Lifting Drug Price Controls in China
30 May 2015

Economic and Political Weekly

Recent Trends in Health Sector Reforms and Commercialisation of Public Hospitals in China
02 Dec 2013

Several scholars have commented on the content and process of reform as encompassing both developed and developing countries and acknowledge that it is a global process informed by the principles of new public management (NPM).

Inequities in Access to Health Services in India: Caste, Class and Region
18 Sep 2010

Despite India’s impressive economic performance after the introduction of economic reforms...

Full Meal or Packaged Deal?
14 Jun 2008

With lobbying going on to replace cooked meals in the mid-day meal programme with...


Areas of interest

Health Policy, Commercialization of medical care, Inequalities and health


Current Positions

    • Professor, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
    • Project Director, Transnational Actors and Commercialisation of Health Care, ICSSR Sponsored Research Project (2013-2015)
    • Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi

Past Positions

    • Associate Professor, Social Services Area and Adjunct faculty,ASCI, Hyderabad
    • Programme Officer, Public Policy Division, Voluntary Health Association of India, New Delhi.


    • PhD. Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, (CSMCH), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
    • M.A. Social Work (Medical and Psychiatric Social Work), University of Kerala

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