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Air Power: Holding Back the Dragon

26 Feb 2020
Angad Singh
Venue: Seminar Room, ICS
Time: 3:00 PM

Chinese air power has received a great deal of political attention and funding in recent years. The relative technological gap between Indian and Chinese air power has inverted from the comfortable lead India enjoyed up to the early 2000s. This interaction will explore the aviation capabilities of both nations, and address some options available to India to address both China’s increased capability and growing military assertiveness.
About the Speaker
Angad Singh  is a Project Coordinator with ORF’s Strategic Studies Programme. His research focuses on defence and air power, with a focus on technology, operations and perspective planning in an air-centric defence paradigm. He worked as a defence journalist and commentator for seven years before moving to public policy research, and has contributed to a number of books on military aviation.


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