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断亲” 话题上热搜,年轻人越来越不喜欢拜年走亲戚?“Broken Kinship” Trends: Young People Increasingly Dislike Family Gatherings During Holidays

It is well known that family gatherings in China during the Lunar New Year are among the most significant and cherished traditions in Chinese culture. However, in recent years, as Chinese youth contend with challenges in their everyday lives — ranging from uncertain economic prospects to limited job opportunities, from parental pressures to a general sense of disillusionment — they are increasingly unwilling to endure toxic familial dynamics. In fact, “cutting off ties” has become a social norm propelled by urbanisation, changes in finances, living spaces and lifestyles. This is an inevitable phenomenon in the process of modernisation and reflects the evolving priorities and values of contemporary society.


Snigdha Konar

Research Associate & Assistant Director, Institute of Chinese Studies

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