US-China Relations after 100 days of the Biden Administration

Prof. Da Wei

Wednesday Seminar | Zoom Webinar |4 May 2021


The Biden administration is forming a "long term competition" strategy towards China. This is a strategy that admits the two countries have to coexist and compete at the same time. The Biden administration is trying to shape the environment in which China, the US and other countries compete with each other. As an important player on the world stage, India's attitude towards this competition is crucial to China, the US and India itself.

China’s Domestic Governance - County Administration; Cadres and their Role; Science and Technology Governance; ‘Leading Small Groups’

Ritu Agarwal, Bhim Subba, Ravi Bhoothalingam

Wednesday Seminar | Zoom Webinar |19 May 2021


Domestic governance is a vast subject. This seminar took up four elements, novel to the Chinese model.



China-Zambia Economic Relations: Perspectives from the Agricultural Sector

Veda Vaidyanathan, Caesar Cheelo, Musadabwe Chulu, Muyubozi Sikalubya, Tong wu

Wednesday Seminar | Zoom Webinar |26 May 2021


This research project was designed at the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) in 2019, with the aim of better understanding Chinese economic engagement in Zambia, especially examining the nuances of cooperation in the Zambian agricultural sector. 




Volume 57 | Issue 1 | February 2021

China’s Rise and the Future of Sino-US Relations: How Countervailing Strategies like the Quad are defining Sino-US Competition in Asia

Biren Nanda | Issue No. 132 | May 2021
The defining nature of strategic developments since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-08 is a rising China making territorial assertions in the South and East China Seas and along the India-China border and coercive manoeuvring by the PLA Navy off the....
ICS Occasional Paper

Urban Agriculture, Food Security and Sustainable Urban Food Systems in China

Sriram Natarajan |Issue No. 71 | May 2021
This is an exploratory paper on the re-emergence of urban farming/agriculture (UA) as an important priority in urban food systems and food policy in China.
ICS Occasional Paper

Trade Irritants and Non-Tariff Measures between China and India

Malini L Tantri, Nalin Kumar, Varadurga Bhat | Issue No. 72 | May 2021
Malini L Tantri and Nalin Kumar and Varadurga Bhat | Issue No:72 | May 2021 Trade between China and India had always been predominated by geopolitical concerns and mounting trade deficits.

Jia Qianqian’s Poetry Stirring up Social Media Storm in China

Usha Chandran| Issue No. 33 | May 2021
Well known writer Jia Pingwa's daughter Jia qianqian, who is known as a poet and is an Associate Professor,







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Chinese Claims on the South China Sea are Infringing on India’s Economic and Geopolitical Interests
Halim Nazar
28 May
China’s Changing Role in the United Nations Security Council, 2007-2017
Chandam Thareima
30 May





Interview: Shivshankar Menon On His New Book ‘India And Asian Geopolitics’
Shivshankar Menon
Youth ki Awaz| 26 May 2021
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Partha Mukhopadhya
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