Perspectives on the Indo-Pacific and Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy

ICS, IIC & The Prospect Foundation

Special Lecture |7 June

The special conference focused on the recent trends and developments in Indo-Pacific: China Factor, India-Taiwan relations and Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy.
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Challenging Chinese Culture

Sharon Condon

Wednesday Seminars |12 June

This presentation focused on understanding some of the forces shaping Chinese thinking and behaviour and what opportunities there may be for foreigners wanting to play a part in China's future.
Delegation Visit from the Institution of International Strategic Studies, the Central Party School of CPC

ICS & Institution of International Strategic Studies, the Central Party School of CPC

Delegation Visit |28 June

The event focused on a variety of issues, ranging from Indo-China relations in the changing global order, U.S-China relations from the Chinese perspective etc, between scholars from the Indian and Chinese sides.


Volume 55 | Issue 2 | May 2019
The China Report is a refereed journal in the field of social sciences and international relations. It encourages free expression and discussion of different ideas and approaches which assist in better understanding China and its neighbours. It welcomes and offers a platform for original research from a multi-disciplinary perspective, in new and emerging areas, by scholars and research students. It seeks to promote analysis and vigorous debate on all aspects of Sino-Indian relations, India–China comparative studies and multilateral and bilateral initiatives and collaborations across Asia.
Understanding China’s submarine capabilities: Undersea competition in the Indo-Pacific
Saurav Sarkar|Issue No. 33 | June 2019
The People’s Liberation Army Navy’s submarine fleet has, over the last few decades, undergone dynamic changes in operational capabilities as well as size. China still has a long way to go in counterforce capabilities vis-à-vis the US, which vehemently opposes its militarization of the South China Sea (SCS).
The Rising Tide of Technological Denial against China
Uday Khanapurkar |Issue No. 32 | June 2019
China’s bid for technological advancement proceeds with unprecedented vigour. Procuring technological know-how from foreign sources, often in violation of global norms pertaining to the protection of intellectual property (IP), has been a prominent component of China’s tech strategy.
Fixing India's Strategic Thinking Vacuum
Kishan S Rana
The Wire | 5 June 2019
陳唐山率團訪印度 學者:台印應加強交流
Taiwanese Media
The Central News Agency | 7 June 2019
‘Pickled’ infrastructure and connectivity: Locating community engagement in Northeast India’s infrastructural transformation
Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman
Heinrich- Böll-Stiftung | 7 June 2019
Doing Fieldwork in China: Experiences on the Ground
Dr. P.K. Anand
Wednesday Seminar | 3 July | Seminar Room, ICS | 3 PM
Workshop on Research Methodology in Chinese Studies
Workshop | 20 July | SNU | 10 AM



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