3rd India Forum on China

ICS & KAS, Goa University

International Conference |5-8 Dec


The India Forum on China @Goa (IFC), hosted by the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in cooperation with Goa University, has developed as an annual international conference where eminent scholars, practitioners and policymakers from India and other countries hold in-depth deliberations on a topical theme pertaining to China in an Indian setting, keeping in mind Indian perspectives. This year’s theme was ‘China and Asia’s Changing Geopolitics’

Delegation Visit fom China Pictorial Publications, Beijing 

China Pictorial Publcations

Delegation Visit |9 Dec


In 2016, China  Pictorial Publications launched China-India Dialogue, a multimedia project that includes print magazines, the official website and social media accounts. The China-India Dialogue magazine, the first ever publication for promoting mutual trust and economics, trade and cultural relations between China and India, provides-in-depth review, facts and figures and new insights to elite institutions and individuals in India

China in Zambia: notes from the field

Veda Vaidyanathan

Wednesday Seminar |11 Dec 


As a part of the 'China in the World' research programme at the ICS, Veda Vaidyanathan undertook a 2 week long fieldwork in Zambia to understand China's increasing engagement with the country. In this talk, the speaker recollected her experiences from the field, discuss the multiple stakeholder perspectives that coexist and share the main takeaways from her interviews



Chinese Academy Delegation Visit: An Interaction, Exchange of Views on India-China Relations

Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission

Delegation Visit |17 Dec

A five members delegation from the Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission visited the ICS for an interaction, exchange of views on India-China relations, other issues of mutual interest and to discuss further academic cooperation.
“Houses for Living, Not Speculating”: Affordable Housing in Shenzhen, 1998-2019

Reeja Nair

Wednesday Seminar | 18 Dec

In August 2018, Shenzhen government announced the decision to provide 1 million units of subsidized housing by 2035. This move has been seen by many as an effort to retain skilled workers for whom high housing prices in the city had become a major cause of concern. 
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Volume 55 | Issue 4 | November 2019
The China Report is a refereed journal in the field of social sciences and international relations. It encourages free expression and discussion of different ideas and approaches which assist in better understanding China and its neighbours. It welcomes and offers a platform for original research from a multi-disciplinary perspective, in new and emerging areas, by scholars and research students. It seeks to promote analysis and vigorous debate on all aspects of Sino-Indian relations, India–China comparative studies and multilateral and bilateral initiatives and collaborations across Asia.
Commercialisation of Medical Care in China: Changing Landscapes
Rama V Baru and Madhurima Nundy|September 2019
This book explores the changing landscapes of the commercialisation of medical care in China. It is the first work of its kind, and discusses how the rise of market socialism, coupled with decollectivisation of agriculture and autonomisation of hospitals in rural and urban China, have fragmented the health service system. 
China’s New FDI Law: Reform or Retaliation
Santosh Pai and Rajesh Ghosh|Issue No. 35 | December  2019
The Foreign Investment Law (FIL) was the most significant legislation approved by China’s National People’s Congress in its March 2019 session. It repeals three existing laws that have served as pillars of the FDI regime for almost four decades.
Paris Agreement leading Towards Cleaner Energy: Scope for India-Japan Cooperation
Parul Bakshi|Issue No. 36 | December 2019
This paper uses Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) as submitted by India to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as a research tool to assess the success of India’s path towards renewable energy.
Technology and Work Opportunities for the Poor: An Analysis of Challenges in Developing a Sustainable Urban Solid Waste Management System in China
Muhammed Kunhi|Issue No. 37 | December 2019
This study is an attempt to understand the impact of China’s efforts at modernizing its urban waste management practices on its large network of informal waste pickers and waste collectors. Placed in the background of China’s growing environmental challenges associated.
Translating Economic Scale into Financial Heft
Shyam Saran
Business Standard | 19 December 
Interview of Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty: Democratisation a deeper issue in China, says geopolitical expert
Shyam Saran
Business Standard | 28 December
Workshop on “Assessing Recent Initiatives To Promote China Studies in India” 
Madhavi Thampi
Special Lecture/Conference | 23 Jan | Conference Room II, IIC | 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Foreign Reporting in China from an Indian Journalism Perspective
Sowmiya Ashok
Wednesday Seminar | 29 Jan | Seminar Room, ICS | 3 PM






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