Post - Pulwama Commentaries in the Chinese Media

Hemant Adlakha

Wednesday Seminar |1 May

This presentation focused on the post Pulwama terrorist attack and the various interpreations and media coverage by the Chinese portals.
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Some Pitfalls in Making Assumptions about Chinese - PLA's Military-Political Behaviour

R Adm. Sudarshan Y. Shrikhande

Special Lecture |3 May

The presentation examined some assumptions made about the Chinese PLA, primarily in India, that could have some pitfalls when consequential inferences are incorporated into strategic thinking and planning.
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The Boao Forum: A Revisit and A Rethink

Sreemati Chakrabarti 

Wednesday Seminar |8 May 

This year the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) was held from March 26- 29, 2019 with the motto “Shared Future, Concerted Action, Common Development”. This year’s Forum, took place in the backdrop of the U.S.-China trade war, had protectionism discussed in many sessions. 


China and Its Quest for Water

R.N. Bhaskar

Wednesday Seminar |15 May

The presentation primarily focused on the role Russia can play in satisfying China’s thirst for water. 
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China since its WTO Membership: An Exploration

Biswajit Dhar

Wednesday Seminar | 22 May

The Speaker then covered the various policies undertaken by the Chinese Government to improve its manufacturing capacity and quality
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The Silk Road Idea (1877-1971)

Tamara Chin

Wednesday Seminar |29 May

This talk approaches the Silk Road as a modern idea–as a term that was first coined by a German geographer in 1877, but whose significance lies within a more global history of contestatory narratives about antiquity.
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China at a Turning Point Perspective After the 19th Party Congress
Manoranjan Mohanty|Pentagon Press, New Delhi
This volume, produced by  group of 25 China experts of India asscoiated with the Institute of Chinese Studies, offers a detailed examination of Xi Jinping's initiatives in the context of what was proclaimed as a 'new era'.
Volume 55 | Issue 2 | May 2019
The China Report is a refereed journal in the field of social sciences and international relations. It encourages free expression and discussion of different ideas and approaches which assist in better understanding China and its neighbours. It welcomes and offers a platform for original research from a multi-disciplinary perspective, in new and emerging areas, by scholars and research students. It seeks to promote analysis and vigorous debate on all aspects of Sino-Indian relations, India–China comparative studies and multilateral and bilateral initiatives and collaborations across Asia.
Growth of Shipbuilding in China: The Science and Technology and Innovation Route
Nitin Agarwala & Rana Divyank Chaudhary|Issue No. 31 | May 2019
The current US-China stand-off underlines a major shift in the arena of geopolitical rivalry to technological competition. Unlike India, China and the US understand the importance of Science and Technology as drivers of growth and ultimately, geopolitical power. China aims to become the most globally advanced Science & Technology nation by 2050. Since Technology is the real foundation of power, this is triggering a US backlash.
The ICS Blog is a platform for an open dialogue that aims to inform and enlighten, especially young scholars and analysts on contemporary issues related to China and East Asia.
SME Financing: The need for Concrete Reforms in China's Financial Sector
Kuldeep Saini
23 May
China, Global Capitalism and the Future of the World Order
Vidushi R. Singh
23 May
The State of China's Automobile Sector
Bhavana Giri
24 May
China’s Impending Economic Slowdown is a Mixed Bag for Africa
Uday Khanapurkar
Vivekananda International Forum | 1 May 
The Second Belt and Road Forum
Gunjan Singh
Vivekananda International Forum | 6 May
Modi boosted in election by UN listing of Pakistani terrorist
Shamshad Khan 
Nikkei Asian Review | 6 May 
Challenging China's Culture
Sharon Condon
Wednesday Seminar | 12 June | Seminar Room, ICS | 3 PM
Workshop on Research Methodology in Chinese Studies
Workshop | 20 July | SNU | 10 AM



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