Understanding China's Naval Shipbuilding Industry: Lessons India can learn

R Adm. Monty Khanna

Wednesday Seminar |6 Mar

The presentation examined the major shipbuilding programmes of the PLA Navy with the purpose of assessing the capabilities of shipyards engaged in their construction.
Arrangements for Elderly Care in India and China 

Convenor: Madhurima Nundy & Rama Baru

International Conference | 12-13 Mar

The two-day Seminar discussed policies and patterns of arrangements for elderly care in the urban contexts in both these countries with a special focus on Shanghai and the Delhi.
Revisiting  Core Questions of May Fourth Movement: Discourses, Narratives & Contestations

Convenor: Sabaree Mitra

International Conference |15-16 Mar

The two-day seminar analysed the significance of May Fourth Movement of 1919 as this year marked its 100th anniversary.


A Himalayan View on the Making of the Indian Republic: Bhutan's Representations to India, 1946-49

Swati Chawla

Wednesday Seminar |20 Mar

The speaker discussed about the significance of Bhutan's representatives to India during its independence while still maintaining its sovereignty.
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From the "Margins" to the "Core": Understanding China's Engagement in WTO

Priyanka Pandit

Wednesday Seminar |27 Mar

This presentation examined the case for China’s rise in the WTO,  operationalises its growing influence and analyses the broader implications and limits of the WTO’s impact within China
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Trump-Kim Summit at Hanoi

Amb. Anil Wadhwa & Others

Roundtable Discussion |29 Mar

The roundtable assessed the Hanoi summit and its outcomes, including expectations of the two principal interlocutors from the meeting and their takeaways.
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Manipal Dialogue on India-China Relations
Indian Delegation headed by Amb Shivshankar Menon & Chinese Delegation headed by H.E. Dai Bingguo
A high-level Track-II closed door dialogue on India-China relations was held at Manesar, Gurgaon on 25-26 March 2019 with the participation of about 30 senior practioners and academics from the two countries
China at a Turning Point Perspective After the 19th Party Congress
Manoranjan Mohanty|Pentagon Press, New Delhi
This volume, produced by  group of 25 China experts of India asscoiated with the Institute of Chinese Studies, offers a detailed examination of Xi Jinping's initiatives in the context of what was proclaimed as a 'new era'.
Volume 55 | Issue 1 | February 2019
The China Report is a refereed journal in the field of social sciences and international relations. It encourages free expression and discussion of different ideas and approaches which assist in better understanding China and its neighbours. It welcomes and offers a platform for original research from a multi-disciplinary perspective, in new and emerging areas, by scholars and research students. It seeks to promote analysis and vigorous debate on all aspects of Sino-Indian relations, India–China comparative studies and multilateral and bilateral initiatives and collaborations across Asia.
China in the Arctic: Interests, Strategy and Implications
Rashmi BR|Issue No. 27 | March 2019
The paper has made a modest attempt to explain China’s Arctic policy, its interests and implications on the region, demystify the perceptions surrounding the Chinese presence and the infrastructural projects. An attempt will also be made to include various perspectives as well as a theoretical assessment using theories of International Relations.
Science, Fiction and Politics: Chinese Science Fiction and its Socio-Political Engagements
Shruti Sonal|Issue No. 28 | March 2019
The paper will throw light on how in the presence of censorship on other forms of literature and expression, science fiction has emerged as a realm of introspection and discussion of China's past, present and future.
Materials related to Republican-era China in the National Archives of India
Madhavi Thampi|Issue No. 29 | March 2019
This paper presents an overview of the relatively unexplored holdings in the National Archives of India (NAI) related to China in the first half of the twentieth century, and particularly Republican-era China (1911-1949).
Clarifying China's Response to the Pulwama Crisis
Saurav Sarkar
South Asian Voices | 1 Mar 2019

ट्रम्प-किम: भेटी झाल्या, फलित काय?

Gunjan Singh
Observer Research Foundation | 8 Mar 2019
As China's Ecoonomy continues to slow, Stimulus rears its Head
Uday Khanapurkar
The Diplomat | 5 Mar 2019
The Art of Convergent Comparison: India and China in Modern Times
Prof. Prasenjit Duara
VP Dutt Memorial Lecture | 24 April | Lecture Room, IIC Annexe | 6:30 PM
Roundtable Discussion on India-China Relations
Delegation from CICIR
Roundtable Discussion | 15 April | Conference Room II, IIC | 10 AM
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