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The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) continued to take up relevant issues and topics through digital platforms to generate informed analysis of China and East Asia. We expanded our activities and outreach as regular activities started opening up despite the Covid pandemic. Our events and publications in October focused on a variety of topics of contemporary importance.


Our tie-up with Hindustan Times Insights has continued successfully with more than 10 ICS publications being shared by HT Insights. Some of the ICS Publications  that were featured are Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership by Prof. Manmohan Agrawal, Adjunct Fellow, ICS; China's post-Covid-19 path to normalcy: Parallels for India by Mr. Santosh Pai, Treasurer, ICS;  The Chinese Communist Party’s ambitious agenda by Mr. M V Rappai, Honorary Fellow, ICS; South China Sea geopolitics and the shadow of Covid-19 by Amb. Yogendra Kumar, former Ambassador and Author; and China’s global internet ambitions: Finding roots in ASEAN by Mr. Dev Lewis, Researcher, Digital Asia Hub.




The ICS conducted four webinars this month


We conducted a panel discussion on Transboundary Effects of Infrastructure Development: A View from Brahmaputra-Meghna Basin on 6 October. The panellists included Dr. Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman, Visiting Associate Fellow, ICS; Dr. Ruth Gamble, Lecturer in History, La Trobe University, Melbourne; and Mr. Vishwa Ranjan Sinha, Programme Officer, Water and Wetlands (South Asia), Science and Strategy Group Organization, IUCN Asia Regional Office, Bangkok. The panel discussion was chaired by Ms. Ambika Vishwanath, co-founder and Director, Kubernein Initiative. (SoundCloud)  (YouTube)


Dr. Reeja Nair, Research Associate, ICS, spoke on the topic Migrant Worker’s Housing in Shenzhen: Issues and Challenges on 13 October. Dr. Solomon Benjamin, Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Science Department, Indian Institute of Technology Madras chaired the event. (SoundCloud)  (YouTube)


Dr. Sonia Shukla, Associate Professor, OP Jindal Global University spoke on the topic Tawang's Linkages with Bhutan on 20 October. Amb. Vijay K. Nambiar, Honorary Fellow, ICS was in Chair. (SoundCloud)  (YouTube)


We organised a panel discussion on The Financialization of Chinese Cities and the Real Estate Industry on 27 October. The panellists included Prof. Fulong Wu, Bartlett Professor of Planning and Joint Coordinator, China Planning Research Group,  University College, London; Dr. Tao Wang, Managing Director and Head, Asia Economic Research, UBS Global Research; and Dr. Yue Zhang, Associate Professor of Political Science and Affiliated Faculty of Global Asian Studies, University of Illinois, Chicago. Dr. Partha Mukhopadhyay, Honorary Fellow, ICS, chaired the event. (SoundCloud)  (YouTube)




This month we had eight publications in total – one Occasional Paper, three ICS Analysis, and four ICS Research Blogs.


ICS Occasional Paper

  1. Dr. Saheli Bose, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Seth Anandram Jaipuria college, Kolkata on Can off tracking Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cost India’s gain from BCIM?.


ICS Analysis

  1. Dr. Hemant Adlakha, Honorary Fellow, ICS and Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, on China Working 24x7 to Establish China-Pakistan-The Taliban “Troika” in Afghanistan to Make India “Inconsequential”
  2. Mr. Swapneel Thakur, Research Intern, ICS on China’s Vaccine Diplomacy: Soft Power, Hegemony and its Geopolitics
  3. Ms. Chandam Thareima, Research Intern, ICS on Examining China’s Position on Myanmar in the United Nations Security Council.


ICS Research Blogs

1. Dr. Jojin V. John, Research Fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs on Establishment Strikes Back in Japan’s Ruling Party Election.

2. Dr. Hemant Adlakha, Honorary Fellow, ICS and Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, on A key component of China’s strategy in the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan is to make the Indian role “inconsequential”(This article is revised version of an earlier write-up published by the web edition of the Indian Defense Review)

3. Mr. Swapneel Thakur, Research Intern, ICS on China’s Journey to Vaccine Hegemony.

4. Mr. Kunal Nitin Timbalia, Research Intern, ICS on E-RMB: A Challenge to Mitigate Trust and Surveillance




Amb. Gautam Bambawale, Adjunct Fellow, ICS and former Ambassador to Bhutan, Pakistan and China and Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Symbiosis International University, Pune authored a piece on Xi’s Dream undoes Deng’s for The Times of India on 1 October and a piece on New Law doesn’t stop China from violating other’s territory for The Economic Times on 26 October. Prof. Alka Acharya, Honorary Fellow, ICS, and Professor, Centre for East Asian Studies, JNU review of Chronicler with a Movie Camera was carried by Outlook on 18 October. Dr. Hemant Adlakha, Honorary Fellow, ICS and Associate Professor, JNU authored a piece for Modern Diplomacy on Is Biden a Cold War Warrior? A Typical US Politician? Both? Or None? on 29 October.




Dr. Ritu Agarwal, Honorary Fellow, ICS and Associate Professor, Centre for East Asian Studies, JNU chaired a session on ‘Dissent and Protest’ in the Annual V.P. Dutt Young Scholars’ Conference titled “100 Years of Chinese Communism: Impact on China and the World” Organized by Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi  from 29 to 31 October. She took part in an online faculty discussion on ‘Readers' Feedback on Mao's Works’ organised by Beijing Foreign Studies University on 27 October and presented a paper (online) on ‘Border Regions: Gateways of Economic and Cultural Partnership’, at the 12th Southwest Forum and 2021 Annual Conference of Branch for Belt and Road Initiative titled ‘Achievements, Experiences and Prospects of the 30th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations’, organized by Yunnan University,  Kunming, China on 28-29 October.


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